Terms and Fees


  • I have a sliding scale for fees from £80-90

  • EMDR sessions can be 1 hour or up to 90 minutes in length. Longer sessions are charged at a proportion of the same hourly rate.

  • Couples sessions are charged at £90 for each 1 hour session.


Counselling and psychotherapy sessions are held on a weekly basis.


I charge a £10 cancellation fee for all cancelled sessions, or every week where the client is unable to attend a session. This is to reflect the cost of keeping a space open for you. Please try to give at least 48 hours notice to cancel a session. Sessions cancelled with less than 48 hours notice are charged at the normal session rate.


Everything discussed in the session is confidential. I will not pass on any information about you unless I believe you are likely to harm yourself or another person. For more information please see Confidentiality and data.

Code of Ethics

I work with a strict code of ethics set by the BACP.

Covid precautions for face to face session

1. Please do not attend face to face sessions if you have any symptoms of COVID or if you have come into close contact with someone with symptoms (key symptoms include: high temperature, persistent dry cough and loss of smell or taste). I will cancel all face to face sessions if I or anyone I come into close contact with develop symptoms.

For more information please see:


2. I will wear a face covering when I let you in the door as we will be close to each other. Please also wear a face covering when you come in. Once we sit down you may prefer for us both to remove our face coverings.

3. Please sit at the end of the sofa further away from me to increase distance.

4. A fan will not be used in the room as it can blow airborne virus around the room. Hopefully it will not be too hot in September.

Reducing touch transmission

5. All touch surfaces will be cleaned on a daily basis. Door handles will be wiped down after each client.

6. When you come in downstairs there will be hand sanitiser at the bottom of the stairs. Please use this before you go upstairs. The door to the therapy room should already be open.

7. There will also be hand sanitiser in the therapy room. Please use this again before you leave.

8. Please bring your own water bottle as I will not be providing water.

9. Please let me know if you need to use the toilet so that it can be cleaned after use. Please wash your hands. Paper towels will be provided to dry your hands and a foot-pedal bin provided.